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We will review your current social media strategy and deduce what areas exhibit strong performance and what areas can use improvement. With this we offer insights into opportunities to improve overall results for your company and deliver suggestions for a new social media strategy.

Our complete Social Media Audit will review the following social media elements:

Social Media Platforms

With the wide range of social media platforms available in the industry it is difficult to distinguish which will align best with your marketing goals. We will delve into your current structure and analyze which platforms in your current portfolio are best to be a part of and which additional platforms may enhance your social media success.

Audience Insights

Through this audit, we will review current targeting and social media followers to identify your key market within various platforms and compare that to your overall marketing audience for additional understanding of your comprehensive marketing plan.


Social Media allows companies to elevate their brand through the use of rich content. We assess your current content and fluidity of content across all social channels and evaluate how content influences your development in these channels.


A review of campaign based metrics is vital to our process. We will identify how each channel performs and implement our understanding of the various metrics that carry out across social to evaluate your company’s success in social.


With Social Media being such an evolving platform we will review your competitors and identify competitive factors that they are benefiting from as well as assess potential opportunity for first to market benefits and areas to compete.

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