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competitive analysis vector Why True Interactive?

There are a number of reasons why we are different than most other digital agencies.

1. We are an independent digital agency without the profit pressures that holding companies place on their traditional and digital agencies. We aren’t beholden to a venture capital firm. We own our company and did not take outside investment to build it. That means we can be strategic and partner with our customers without trying to squeeze excess profit from our relationship at every corner. Tired of scope changes? So are we.

2. We are a digital agency that takes care of its staff. We don’t have the high turnover that you have in agencies that are focused on profit and always driven to grow your account. In other words, we have team members that work on your business and stay involved in your business. We become a part of your team. That onboarding and experience investment doesn’t disappear like it can at other agencies.

3. We are uncomplicated and transparent. We believe in full transparency in everything we do. From how we structure our relationship financially to sharing how we generate results. Partnership and collaboration is in our DNA.

4. We are experienced, proven and effective. We have been doing digital marketing since before Google was founded. We also have experienced leaders who have both digital agency and client side experience. We know how to partner with you to work inside a client organization.

5. We CARE! We have good people doing great work. We truly want to see you meet and exceed your goals. Many companies will say that but we mean it. We make our mark through the success of our clients.

We could go on about why it is different working with True Interactive but it’s just words on a website. We would love to meet you and more importantly have you talk to our clients about what working with us is like. Give us a ring or fill out our contact form and we will ring you.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!