Our Story

The long and winding road to
900 National Parkway

We’ve been in the digital space since its infancy. In fact, we’ve we’ve been doing paid search longer than Google has. How many companies can say that?

In the late 90s, our founders helped form the first search engine marketing team at W.W. Grainger, the nation’s largest distributor of industrial supplies and a pioneer of e-Commerce. Tasked with naturally optimizing a site with thousands and thousands of pages of content and implementing a paid search campaign encompassing more than 500,000 products, the team built Grainger.com into a leading B2B online enterprise.

The key to success at Grainger was hard work, plain and simple. It wasn’t about unlocking algorithms or tricking the system or using sexy technologies. It was about applying a consistent approach, day in and day out, gaining efficiencies and expertise that helped achieve what competitors could not.

Our founders eventually pursued other opportunities, and found a rapidly evolving industry reliant on an iron curtain between agency and client.

We firmly believe that work ethic and transparency will always outperform smoke and mirrors.

Out of that conviction, KeywordFirst was born. For seven years, we’ve been proving our theory, and haven’t looked back since.