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Apr 05

The Impact of the Department of Justice/Apple Lawsuit

For years, Apple has positioned itself as the Big Tech underdog. That stance took a blow recently when the U.S. Justice Department sued Apple for antitrust violations. Let’s dig into…
Written by Tim Colucci

Mar 19

Will TikTok Get Banned?: Advertiser Q&A

How could it be that TikTok, one of the world’s fastest rising apps – a mover of culture and favorite obsession of 1 billion people around the world – could…
Written by Mark Smith

Mar 14

How to Benefit from Sora

Earlier this year, I predicted that with the expansion of AI, we would see brands and content creators rely more on AI to create videos. Well, that day is here!…
Written by Bella Schneider

Feb 20

The Connected TV Advertising Opportunity for Live Sports

While millions of Americans were hunkered down in their homes during a cold snap on January 13, television history was being made. For the first time, an NFL playoff game…
Written by Tim Colucci

Jan 30

2024 Advertising and Marketing Predictions

The advertising and marketing industry faces a year of growth and transition. The demise of third-party cookies will challenge marketers to get more creative and resourceful in how they advertise,…
Written by Kurt Anagnostopoulos

Jan 03

Why the Google/Apple App Duopoly Is Threatened

Google and Apple have historically enjoyed a duopoly of the app ecosystem. For developers, all roads to creating a successful app that achieves any traction lead to Google Play Store…
Written by Tim Colucci

Dec 22

Cyber Week 2023: Lessons Learned

The numbers are in: Cyber Week 2023 exceeded expectations. Adobe Analytics, the authority on Cyber Week retail spending, has reported the following: Online consumer spending increased 7.8 percent. Sales on…
Written by Kurt Anagnostopoulos

Nov 27

Meta Announces New Generative AI Tools for Facebook and Instagram

The popularity of generative AI is rapidly changing how businesses and their agency partners create and develop content ranging from videos to images for paid and organic media. Big Tech…
Written by Mark Smith

Aug 24

How Walmart Connect Is Challenging Amazon Ads

The rise of retail media networks continues to dominate the advertising landscape. There are hundreds of them now, offering advertising services built on all the data they collect from their…
Written by Tim Colucci

Aug 09

What Happened to Threads?

A month ago, Threads was the internet’s shiny new object. Now Meta’s social sharing app is an endangered species. According to the market intelligence company Sensor Tower, Meta’s clone of…
Written by Bella Schneider

Aug 07

YouTube Rebounds with Connected TV Ad Spend

The conversation about connected TV (CTV) advertising often focuses on the major streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix. But YouTube belongs in that conversation, too. YouTube has seen a…
Written by Tim Colucci

Aug 01

Brands Succeeding on Twitch: Unlocking Marketing Potential

Twitch is well known for livestreaming gaming content, but it’s also an incredibly fertile platform for businesses to create stronger connections with their own fans as Starbucks and Lexus demonstrate.…
Written by Jane Smith