Programmatic Advertising

Reach, Influence, and Convert Customers with True Interactive’s Programmatic Advertising Services. We are a top-tier programmatic agency that ensures a cohesive brand experience across the entire customer journey.

Display Advertising Services

Programmatic display is an effective way for brands to market to customers at all stages of the marketing funnel. The True Interactive display experts help our clients exceed their goals using programmatic display through cutting-edge Technology.

Strategy & planning

Our programmatic team helps our clients build awareness, re-engage current customers, and converts users that demonstrate purchase intent. We’ll put together a plan that will deliver results.

Technology neutral

True Interactive takes a data neutral approach to programmatic display technologies. We work and test with different platforms so that our clients are working with the best providers available.

Native Advertising Services

True Interactive’s native advertising offerings allows brands to reach their target audiences by serving contextually relevant content. Our native advertising experts develop highly targeted native campaigns, helping our clients reach new customers and get them through the conversion funnel.

Why Native?

These ad types continue to be an effective tactic for our clients because of their potential to reach audiences, foster brand loyalty, and provide valuable content in a cluttered digital world.

The Advantage

With our native advertising services, brands can target consumers with content that matches the user interface of the site on which it is served. As a result, brands can reach highly engaged audiences in a more relevant and impactful way.

Video & YouTube Advertising Services

True Interactive provides everything our clients need to succeed in YouTube and video advertising, from research to building your campaigns to in-depth reporting and ongoing campaign management. We use the primary benefits of programmatic technology—advanced data-driven targeting and real-time inventory buying—coupled with the advantages of video and YouTube advertising to create powerful strategies that drive results.

Our services include:

Creation of Targeted Audience Profiles

We’ll help develop and reach the right audience segments for your brand.

Proven strategies

Our strategies will adapt your messaging throughout the journey, whether a 6-second bumper ad that gets your name in front of a prospect, or a remarketing or paid search ad that gets your customer closer to purchase.

Reporting & Integration

Reports are updated every day, including impressions, CPMs, conversions, and more. Ability to integrate video advertising with Connected TV, such as the YouTube Masthead ad format for TV.

Video experience

Succeeding with YouTube, Vimeo, and other influential video platforms, including their unique tools such as YouTube bumper ads and in-stream video ads.

Connected TV (CTV) Advertising Services

True Interactive does all the hard work to make your brand more powerful with Connected TV (CTV). Most homes in the United States use at least one connected TV device, creating a huge addressable audience. But advertisers need help finding this increasingly fragmented audience that consumes content across multiple devices and channels. Our services include…

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Media strategy & Planning

We do everything from researching the most high-impact demographic to finding the right connected TV ad placements to reach them.

Ad Campaign management

Our services include scheduling ad placements at the optimal time and season.

TV Provider expertise

True Interactive has experience working with connected TV providers such as Verizon, Amazon, and Google to place ads with the best pricing available.


We provide automated reporting with data updated every day, including impressions, CPMs, conversions, and more.

Audio Advertising Services

Programmatic audio is the use of technology to automate the selling and insertion of ads in audio content like podcasts, digital radio and music-streaming services.

Whether serving ads on Spotify to users while shopping or accessing podcast inventory for individuals on-the-go, True Interactive helps brands reach their target audience and drive performance through audio advertising agency expertise. Our services include:

Measurement & Optimization

Our programmatic experts help advertisers reach the right listeners, as well as measure an ad’s success and optimize based on results to get the best return for our clients.

Consistent Messaging

True Interactive uses programmatic audio not only to deliver a unique brand experience, but also as a way of reinforcing a brand’s message across multiple digital mediums. By leveraging existing assets, True Interactive enables audio to drive a lift in brand metrics across the entire buyer lifecycle.