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Jul 23

How to Navigate the Amazon Prime Day Effect

Amazon Prime Day has become more than just an Amazon event; it’s now a major moment in the retail calendar that other businesses respond to with their own massive sales…
Written by Morgan Reilly

Jul 15

Amazon Faces Growing Competition in Intent-Based Search

Amazon has long been a go-to platform for online product searches, threatening Google’s dominance. But as mighty Amazon gears up for its Prime Day extravaganza, research from Jungle Scout shows…
Written by Max Petrungaro

Jul 10

Search Query Matching: Positives, Caveats, and Tips for Advertisers

Google Ads recently made a major change to search query matching, which is the way Google matches the search terms that users enter into the search engine with the keywords…
Written by Héctor Ariza

Jun 24

Amazon’s Image Generator: Pros and Cons

Tools that use AI to create images for ads are rapidly taking hold because they automate the creation of visual content, which reduces the need for extensive manual labor and…
Written by Morgan Reilly

Jun 12

Why Disney Advertising Is Hitting Its Stride with Streaming

Few expected Disney’s streaming operations to become profitable by early 2024, especially after Disney launched Disney+ in November 2019, thus incurring content development costs that can eat away at any…
Written by Tim Colucci

May 30

Google Doubles Down on AI Overviews Amid Controversy

In the rough-and-tumble fight to win the generative AI arms race, Google is protecting its most precious asset: advertising. But the company is encountering some bumps in the road. Google…
Written by Mark Smith

May 23

How Will Google’s AI Push in Search Hurt Publishers?

Google is injecting even more AI into search, but not all publishers are celebrating. Why? Shouldn’t businesses in Google’s vast ecosystem applaud the search giant for staying up to date…
Written by Mark Smith

May 18

Why Social Media Advertising Is Overtaking Paid Search

Search no longer rules adland. WARC’s Global Advertising Trends report unveils a seismic shift – social media has dethroned paid search as the top advertising channel. The numbers speak for themselves: $247.3…
Written by Morgan Reilly

Apr 26

IAB: Where Your Business Should Advertise Online in 2024

If you have been faithfully investing your marketing budget in online advertising despite gloom-and-doom predictions of an economic recession, you are in good company. The latest IAB/PwC Internet Advertising Revenue…
Written by Kurt Anagnostopoulos

Apr 05

The Impact of the Department of Justice/Apple Lawsuit

For years, Apple has positioned itself as the Big Tech underdog. That stance took a blow recently when the U.S. Justice Department sued Apple for antitrust violations. Let’s dig into…
Written by Tim Colucci

Mar 19

Will TikTok Get Banned?: Advertiser Q&A

How could it be that TikTok, one of the world’s fastest rising apps – a mover of culture and favorite obsession of 1 billion people around the world – could…
Written by Mark Smith

Mar 14

How to Benefit from Sora

Earlier this year, I predicted that with the expansion of AI, we would see brands and content creators rely more on AI to create videos. Well, that day is here!…
Written by Bella Schneider