Paid Search & Shopping

Unlock the power of our two decades of expertise in paid search and shopping.

True Interactive started in 2005 offering paid search services long before other agencies were even in business.

Today, we continue to build best-in-class paid search strategies that work with your other channels. We know paid search and that’s why we’re a Google Premier Partner, which places us in the top 3% of all their agency partners.

set goals

We’ll start by setting goals for your campaigns and for your business then build a strategy from there. By establishing these well-defined targets, we lay the foundation for crafting a strategic approach that will drive success.

Campaign audit

True Interactive will perform a comprehensive 50-point audit designed to uncover opportunities and approaches that will drive improved performance to reach your goals.

Implement strategies

We then execute strategies by building or re-building your campaigns. We’ll determine the right keywords, audience targeting, bid strategies, tactics and conversion tracking that will drive the best possible results.

Test, learn, grow

Even after implementing a best-in-class paid search strategy we will continually test variables within your campaigns like ad copy, bid strategies, targeting, etc. We will learn what works best so that your business will grow.

Shopping Ad Management

True Interactive creates and oversees every phase of our clients’ Shopping campaigns. We aim to connect with the ideal customers using the right products, thereby fostering purchases while optimizing ad spending.

Feed strategy

Our product feed management expertise enables our team to leverage clients’ product data to build, optimize, and manage a shopping-friendly feed. We know the signals to send to make a feed more visible and appealing to both the engines and to customers. If a client doesn’t have an existing product feed, we can use website crawlers to build one and then optimize it.

Campaign setup or modifications

Our expert shopping management team advises on the optimal campaign set up or modification. This includes being laser-focused on product detail and profitability.

custom reporting

True Interactive creates customized Shopping reporting that allows our clients to see performance down to the specific product. This detailed approach lets our team expose wasted spend as well highlights the best performers so that we can make optimizations quicker and improve performance.