AI-Powered Solutions

Google’s Performance Max and Demand Gen campaigns are driven by advanced AI technology. They find the right audiences and deliver media at the right time.

Google Demand Gen (formerly Discovery ads)

Demand Gen is a Google AI-powered campaign format designed to drive demand. Demand Gen campaigns drive conversions, site visits, and actions (like sign-ups and adds-to-carts) on YouTube, Discover and Gmail.

Drive leads & revenue

We’ll help optimize your Demand Gen ads for conversions and test tactics like value-based bidding strategies to drive the most efficient leads and/or revenue for your business.

Ongoing optimization

We’ll see how creatives will look across different platforms and find the right combinations. We will then optimize your placements to find the perfect mix for your campaigns with A/B testing.

Performance Max

Performance Max (PMAX) campaigns let advertisers create one campaign and have their ads shown wherever users are interacting with Google’s services, like Search, Display, YouTube, Maps, Discover, or Gmail. While these campaigns are driven by AI and choose where your ads are being shown, True Interactive helps take the mystery out of these campaigns. Our Performance Max services include:

Campaign setup

We’ll set up your campaigns and establish goals and help with budget and bidding set up. We’ll also create campaign settings so you’re reaching the right audiences.

Build out assets

We’ll help build out your asset group by adding media such as images, logos, videos, and copy for headlines, descriptions, CTAs, etc.


As with any type of Google Ads campaign, they can be set up and put on auto pilot, but that’s the wrong approach. Ongoing optimization is the key to Performance Max, and True Interactive can help get the most out of your advertising spend.