Business Outfitters by Lands’ End provides logo’d apparel, business uniforms, and promotional products to corporations of all sizes. On top of weekly promotions, the brand offers Lands’ End quality clothing for companies to customize with their logos. Not only can businesses purchase embroidered polos and dress shirts, but they can create a custom uniform program that encourages their employees to make individual choices while obtaining a unified company look.


increase in revenue


increase in non-branded orders


Business Outfitters by Lands’ End wanted to improve average order volumes, click-through rates (CTR), and overall pay-per-click (PPC) performance. True Interactive identified an opportunity for improvement: even though our client’s customers typically search for business apparel, the client’s bid strategy focused on keywords more appropriate for consumer-oriented apparel (e.g., “men’s clothing”). As a result, the client’s paid media strategy overlapped with that of its parent, the consumer-facing Lands’ End; and the client was missing opportunities to be visible for searches targeting business apparel (e.g., “men’s corporate clothing”). The team established a plan to improve overall PPC performance by reconstructing the client’s advertising strategy to reach its audience.


  • Since implementation of these strategies and features, Business Outfitters by Lands’ End has seen a 24% increase in overall volume.
  • Non-branded orders increased by 33%, and revenue increased by 42%, which consequently increased average order value to show the restructured business keywords were bringing in large business orders.
  • Not only did this attribute to a lift in non-branded results, but also overall PPC performance.
  • The account saw a 28% increase in CTR and a 30% increase in orders and revenue.
  • Developing a strategy that aligned with the client’s target market and brand allowed us to achieve these strong results.


True Interactive launched a digital media campaign that combined major platforms such as the Google Display Network with mobile-centric display networks that serve up ads to consumers on mobile devices.

Restructured the non-branded search campaigns to bid only on B2B-like terms.

We first determined the client’s highest performing non-branded keywords and ensured they included a business modifier such as “corporate,” “company,” or “professional.”

We paused campaigns for all consumer-like terms and added new business keywords where we saw opportunities for volume. Doing so ensured that all of the paid search keywords were consistent with the brand and products available.

Tailored online advertised to the demographics and search behaviors of the client’s audience.

True Interactive analyzed age demographics, device usage, and seasonality results to better understand the target market and their search behavior for each product offered.

True Interactive then added a bid modifier to age ranges and devices based on the likelihood of an order for each product (to do so, we made use of features that Google introduced in 2016 to modify bids for demographic and device).

Both teams collected seasonality results to see if there were certain times of the year that saw stronger conversion rates for a specific product. Even though all of the products are offered year round.

True Interactive saw an opportunity to increase specific campaign budgets during certain seasons, in order to be efficient and more visible during the high traffic times. So we adjusted budgets accordingly.

Adjusted ad copy messaging to encourage businesses to order larger value amounts.

We wanted to make sure the paid advertising messaging matched the new set of non-branded business keywords resulting from our restructuring the non-branded search campaigns.

We examined groups of transactions to identify which products customers were purchasing. We discovered that the client’s customers’ buying patterns were unique.

Each transactions consisted of a variety of products, not just a bulk order of one type of product. With this understanding, True Interactive adjusted ad copy to recommend ordering multiple styles of clothing and products with the goal of increasing revenue and average order value.