Redbox is a video on-demand streaming and video rental company via automated retail kiosks, its website, and apps. Redbox did not have an effective way to measure the results of their online marketing efforts because most transactions occurred at their kiosks. They also had a challenge with their acquisition costs for their marketing spend, given that the average rental value was very low.


increase in return on ad spend


improvement in measuring


  • Across all campaign platforms, Return on Ad Spend improved 33% after the first year, and the levels sustained in subsequent years.
  • The insights gained from the new form of measurement helped drive more informed decisions for subsequent campaigns.


As a Google certified “Premier Partner”, True Interactive had access to betas that could benefit Redbox as it tried to improve its campaign measurement. We helped Redbox implement an innovative solution called Store Sales (direct upload).

  • The product matches transactions that occur at the kiosks with those who interacted (clicked) on ad we were running for them. It does this by matching email addresses or phone numbers provided by a customer at the kiosk, with that same information contained within a user’s Google account.
  • The transactional data was uploaded into the Google platform and the subsequent reporting showed the total number of conversions influenced by the ads.

Using this new transaction data along with Redbox lifetime value customer data, we calculated an ROAS that better reflected our efforts.

  • After analyzing the data, we eliminated certain types of upper funnel campaigns because they weren’t producing the proper return. Additionally, we changed the focus of our paid search campaigns so that we leveraged long tail movie title keywords, dramatically increased our negative keyword coverage and introduced a campaign flight schedule that aligned with the movie’s kiosk availability to better control costs.
  • New targeting was implemented across all campaigns that aligned with our findings (including affinity audiences, demographic and zip code level changes).
  • New platforms were tested with the new targeting formulae.