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work vector(1) diamondLife Case Study


Company Background

diamondLife designs and manufactures innovative performance-centric products to enhance work and home spaces.


diamondLife relies mostly on online marketing efforts to drive retail sales through web orders and phone orders. Client goal was solely to increase revenue while maintaining or growing ROI.


True Interactive analyzed the client’s paid search campaigns and identified opportunities for improving performance:

  • Restructured campaigns to include primarily broad-match-modified and exact-match keywords versus regular broad match. Identified broad-match keywords that performed well and relocated them into a separate campaign to better control spend. Reviewed search query reports and added a robust list of negative keywords to all campaigns to further remove irrelevant traffic.
  • Created new campaigns for “accessory” items that tend to generate a large number of impressions, clicks, and spend, but generate less revenue. By removing those accessory keywords and relocating them in their own campaigns, we were better able to allocate budget and push more spend toward the items that generate higher revenue.
  • Restructured shopping campaign set-up by placing top-selling products into a separate high-priority campaign to ensure full funding.
  • Added sitelinks, callout extensions, and structured snippets to all campaigns, providing more product information for customers and increase ad visibility on Google search page.
  • Drafted multiple versions of ad copy to test messaging.
  • Identified geo-targets where bid multipliers could be applied based on level of performance.
  • Developed remarketing campaigns using banner image ads to keep our products top of mind for previous site visitors.
  • Implemented Google’s remarketing lists for search ad (RLSA) campaigns, which allowed us to bid more aggressively on search queries for customers who had made previous site visits. Doing so resulted in a very efficient cost per order.
  • Designed display select keyword (DSK) campaigns used for branding purposes.
  • Formed custom affinity audiences and tested display campaigns to help create awareness.
  • Produced Instagram campaigns to promote custom wine racks and create brand and product interest; and to influence paid search attribution.
  • Established Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to further drive sales and brand/product recognition.
  • Created a dynamic search ad (DSA) campaign to help cover gaps in search campaigns and to mine for new keyword opportunities.


The client realized a number of performance improvements, such as lowering cost per clicks (CPCs) by 16 percent while improving average position from 2.6 to 1.5. The client also improved its paid search conversion rate by 31.7 percent, reduced paid search cost per order by 6.9 percent within the last year, and increased branding efforts and promotion of new products without seeing a significant negative impact on return on ad spend. During True Interactive’s tenure, the client has also achieved some of its highest revenue growth.