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vector4 Mobile Advertising

Only advertisers who understand the terrain of mobile will flourish in our increasingly mobile-first world. We know the terrain. We recently helped a client see a 756-percent return on ad spend with mobile. Our expertise with mobile includes:

  • Strategic planning for mobile ad campaigns, including identifying the right KPIs such as app installs to measure results depending on your goals.
  • Creation and planning of media campaigns on mobile sites such as Instagram and Amazon’s mobile app, including each app’s requirements and critical success factors.
  • Strategic advice on most effective creative suitable for each mobile app.
  • Experience with mobile ad networks such as Google Display Network, Facebook, and Tapjoy, which are essential to scale mobile ads across apps. Mobile advertising is a fast-emerging business, and it’s important to choose proven ad networks with brand integrity.
  • Performance reporting using metrics ranging from sales lift to app installs.
  • A/B testing of your campaigns, creative, and products to produce the best results possible and continue optimizing on performance on mobile.
  • Creation of targeted audience profiles including income, location, and more.
  • Experience integrating mobile and desktop campaigns to maximize value of both.
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