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Becker Professional Education Case Study

KeywordFirst Helps Exam Prep Company Profitably Attract New Customers


Company Background

Becker Professional Education is a global leader in quality professional education that empowers people to advance their careers. Through product offerings including the CPA Exam Review, ACCA® Exam preparation and PMP® Exam Review, the company has helped nearly half a million Accounting, Project Management and Healthcare professionals worldwide.


Becker’s average cost per online order was unprofitable due to inefficient search and display programs. Compounding this problem and creating strategic disconnects, the firm’s search and display campaigns were run by different teams within the organization.


Becker tapped KeywordFirst to establish a unified SEM program designed to profitably attract new customers. Key steps taken by the agency:

  • Designed a strategy to guide the investment in and development of all search and display programs.
  • Completely restructured the firm’s search programs to include thousands of new cost-effective keywords and match types.
  • Installed a 12 month ad copy test program to identify the most effective messaging across search and display.
  • Implemented a new display plan that includes remarketing to non-converters.

By bidding for placements based on more meaningful keywords and displaying ads with more compelling copy, KeywordFirst helped Becker increase order volume by 80% while reducing cost per order by 45%.

Organizationally, Becker also has benefited from a more aligned marketing team and strategy.

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