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Search Search Engine Marketing

Drive traffic and increase sales or leads through paid search advertising

When you pay to advertise on search engines, nothing matters more than ROI. Our approach to paid search integrates proven practices with innovative techniques driven by the ever-changing paid search landscape. Your campaigns are under constant vigilance, and our hands-on, iterative process considers and tests every nuance to optimize campaign performance. Steps we take to ensure the best possible results:

Campaign Audit
Our first step is a comprehensive 50-point audit designed to uncover opportunities that will drive improved performance. We will share our findings with you and deliver a plan that will improve your ROI by implementing creative and aggressive strategies.

Keyword Research
Our keyword research process is exhaustive and comprehensive. We uncover and evaluate every possible relevant search term. Once we build or rebuild your keywords we utilize a surgical approach to keyword match types that is unlike that of any other agency. This approach maximizes spend and conversion rates.

Nothing has changed more in recent years than the targeting features within the search engines. We’ll devise an approach to make your marketing budget more efficient by targeting ads to the right audiences, locations, time of day, income-levels, and other factors. We believe that developing the right blend of standard and custom audience targeting can bring both increased volume and efficiency to your campaigns.

Ad Copy and Extensions
Continuous testing of ad copy helps drive quality traffic and the lowest cost conversions. Using the most current ad formats and ad extensions is crucial to the success of your campaign. We believe in maximizing your traffic but ensuring the clicks are qualified and relevant for your business.

Bid Strategies
The right bid strategy is crucial to keeping your ads visible and profitable. Knowing how to set and adjust today’s smart bidding technologies is important to providing the best possible results. Whether you use a traditional bid tool, manual bidding, or the search engine’s automated features, it’s important to understand which one will perform best for your business – and how to continually adjust to ensure optimal performance.

Competitive Analysis
We make sure you know how your competitors are using paid search, and use the intelligence to run a more effective search campaign for you.

Conversion Tracking
We ensure that all of your programs track the appropriate conversion activities such as a sale or a lead, or custom goals and events. We can set up conversion activities within the search engines or your analytics program.

Custom Online Reporting
We monitor performance through custom-developed, automated digital dashboards that provide both detailed reporting and high-level snapshots. These dashboards are available to you in real-time and are accessible on demand.
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