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True Interactive is a digital marketing agency built on transparency. Our only goal is to improve the effectiveness of every dollar you invest in SEM. We stand apart because we enable clients to see everything we’re doing behind the scenes to produce exceptional results, time and again.

This philosophy begins with a free comprehensive audit of your current SEM program. We’ll examine as many as 50 elements of your campaigns, pulling back the curtain to uncover exactly what is and isn’t working for you. We’ll point out best practices you may be following, and we’ll let you know of areas in which we feel opportunity has been maximized. We’ll also deliver actionable recommendations to improve ROI based on the findings.

Why give away the cow for free? Because it offers a clear view into what it’s like to work with us and how we’re different. We work collaboratively with you to provide a candid, balanced assessment and thorough, meaningful takeaways.

Our comprehensive SEM Audit includes analysis of the following categories:

Search Engines
It’s widely known that Google AdWords dominates in U.S. search volume, but the Yahoo Bing Network and shopping search engines can offer advantages. We analyze how well your SEM program leverages the full spectrum of search engine options vis a vis your strategy.

Campaign Structure
We look at the backbone of your SEM program. Budget, of course, has an impact on results; we focus on how well you make use of your budget as well as whether reasonable budget adjustments can deliver exponential returns. We review other aspects of campaign setup, including location targeting and ad group alignment.

Ad Group Structure
Creating effective ad groups can help generate more conversions at lower cost. Among other factors, we assess the number of keywords in your ad groups, the alignment of your campaign and keywords, and the relevance of keywords to ad copy and landing pages.

Your keyword Quality Scores have enormous influence over the cost and effectiveness of your paid search campaigns. For this reason, we take a deep dive into your management of keywords. What are your keyword positions? Is your coverage appropriate? Are there gaps? Are you using negative keywords effectively? Do you introduce and retire keywords continually? Have you incorporated all match types, including broad, phrase and exact? We run Search Query Reports for insight into the terms driving visits for your ads and the revenue you derive from these queries.

Compelling headlines and ad copy are critical to optimal campaign performance. We consider how well your messages align with the mindset of your target market. Additionally, we gauge your use of ad copy testing and dynamic copy insertion.

Landing Pages
Your landing pages are the gateway to conversions. We assess the relevance and effectiveness of your landing page headlines, copy, design and user experience, vis a vis the ads you are running. We also consider any landing page testing underway.

We evaluate how effectively you take advantage of the opportunity to expand Google text ads with additional lines for location, phone, offer, site links, product images, reviews, social media pages, apps for download. We also assess your use of dynamic search ad extensions.

The use of AdWords campaign settings can offer meaningful control in executing campaigns—precision that may lead to improved performance. We review whether and how effectively you make use of settings including geo-targeting, device targeting, ad scheduling (day parting) and automated rules implementation.

Display Networks
We study the degree to which you may be placing ads on relevant niche sites and blogs across the internet to reach potential customers. This includes breadth of ad creative—text, image, interactive, video—alignment of target audience with placement and topic, use of remarketing and contextual ads and more.

Review of analytics is integral to our audit process. We evaluate whether you are effectively using analytics programs. We measure performance by search engine, campaign, ad group and keyword to pinpoint potential inefficiencies and opportunities.

How effectively and aggressively your competitors are using SEM plays a key role in your program performance. We estimate the impression share of major players in your market, weigh keyword investment and review other competitive factors.

We anchor our audit with a series of actionable recommendations, informed by our analysis.

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