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work vector(1) Snapfish Case Study

Company Background

Snapfish turns its customers’ photos into treasured keepsakes ranging from digital photo books to physical gifts such as coffee mugs. Snapfish also provides web-based photo sharing and storage services.


Snapfish has been working with True Interactive for years to build its customer base through digital advertising. With consumers continuing to use mobile as the preferred way to find online services, Snapfish wanted to generate more customers through mobile. Specifically, the company sought to increase the number of installations of the Snapfish mobile app especially during the holiday season. Our challenge was to launch a mobile-centric campaign to build awareness leading up to the holiday season.


• True Interactive launched a digital media campaign that combined major platforms such as the Google Display Network with mobile-centric display networks that serve up ads to consumers on mobile devices.

• The first phase of the campaign involved running display banners on the Google Display Network; video ads on the YouTube Display Network; and promotions on Facebook. For example, we offered free prints to customers who downloaded the app.

• For phase two, we launched ads on mobile-centric networks such as Taptica, which serves ads on different apps ranging from Major League Baseball to Pandora.

• For phase three, we expanded our use of mobile ad networks beyond Taptica. For example, we ramped up advertising on Google’s own mobile network, Google Universal App Campaign, Facebook mobile, and AppLovin’, which focuses on gaming apps. Consequently, we expanded the campaign’s reach and reduced overexposure on any single platform.

• In addition, we also ran seasonal promotions to encourage mobile app installs, such as discounts timed for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

• We also ensured consistency in messaging and visual branding with Snapfish’s marketing/advertising beyond the app campaign by using similar calls to action and visual imagery across markets.


Revenue from mobile app installs grew 343 percent year over year during the holiday season. Mobile app installs grew 23 percent during the same period. Overall, Snapfish saw a 756-percent return on ad spend. Meanwhile, Snapfish saw a 56-percent decrease in costs per install.