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True Botanicals

Company Background

True Botanicals is a luxury skincare line noted for its use of super concentrated, bio-active ingredients. Its products, ranging from acne care to anti-aging treatment, are found online and at Barneys New York luxury department store. True Botanicals is known for holding itself to the highest industry standards. It is the world’s first brand to be certified “Made Safe” by the Made Safe nonprofit organization, which recognizes consumer products that are made free of known toxic substances.


True Botanicals saw an opportunity to build awareness and improve its returns. Not only was True Botanicals relatively new to the industry, it had recently rebranded (changing its name from True Nature Botanicals) and wanted to build brand equity around its new name. True Botanicals also wanted to build awareness for its distinct identity as a luxury skincare brand that protects its customers’ health and skin.


Collaborated with True Botanicals to develop a paid search strategy and campaign. The SEM effort included creating both brand and non-brand search campaigns as well as a shopping campaign to increase overall visibility in the market.

Expanded the keywords — both branded and non-branded — that True Botanicals bids on in its paid search campaigns. Doing so ensured that the client’s paid search efforts are more aligned with the terms that people use to find skincare products and providers. A branded keyword structure covered all of True Botanicals’ product offerings and results, and non-branded campaigns were tailored to the individual product lines and their respective products.

Helped True Botanicals optimize its site copy for organic searches. We identified the top-performing keywords people use to find products in the client’s category and assisted in optimizing landing page content for those searches.

A campaign based on household income optimized search spend based on income levels that perform best with the luxury brand. We applied our knowledge of Google’s AdWords household income targeting feature to do so.


True Botanicals has seen a continuous increase in sales of more than 50% each month since its launch, which is attributable to paid search. In 2016, True Botanicals realized its highest revenue producing Cyber Monday and a profitable holiday season partly as a result of the search campaign. Overall, the brand has seen a lift in all channels resulting from paid search.