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Make your products findable on the powerful online Walmart retail site, including the Walmart Marketplace. We apply our experience with the rapidly growing suite of advertising tools from Walmart Connect (formerly Walmart Media Group) to improve your sales. Our services include:

  • Complete management of all Walmart ad products – including Sponsored Products ads and more. We elevate your product inventory when people search on Walmart.com and the Walmart marketplace with intent to buy.
  • Strategic planning and campaign management to ensure your use of Walmart advertising delivers on your highest-priority needs. Our services include a complete audit of your approach. And we can work with your merchandising team analyze the impact of paid
    media is on sales.
  • Management of keyword bids including budgeting and adjusting as needed with dynamic, machine learning bidding.
  • Retargeting on Walmart and beyond to personalize content for shoppers active on the site.
  • A/B testing of your campaigns, keywords, products to produce the best results possible and continue optimizing on performance for your business.
  • Automated performance reporting with data updated every day.
  • Expertise across the entire Walmart site, including the Walmart third-party marketplace.
  • Expertise with both the mobile and desktop versions of Walmart.
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